Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)

Elementary Visual and Performing Arts

The Elementary Visual and Performing Arts program provides during-the-day classes in Visual Art, Dance, and Theater to all elementary students in West Covina Unified School District. These lessons are standard-based and taught by working Artists/Educators.

Music Program
The Elementary Music Program provides weekly music lessons to the elementary students in the district. 

Elementary After-School Instruments
The Elementary After-School Instruments program provides 5th and 6th-grade elementary students the opportunity to learn and play a variety of instruments. 

The Shared Theater Arts Grand Experience (STAGE)
The STAGE program is an after-school program at each elementary school, where students audition, rehearse, and perform a full-scale musical production. Students learn teamwork, self-confidence, and various theater techniques during the rehearsal process. Students perform for their school and their families. 

After-School Arts Classes
After-school classes are offered at each of the elementary schools. Calles are offered in visual art, music, dance, and theater. 

Family Arts Nights
Every elementary school in West Covina Unified School District has a Family Arts Night. These nights are a wonderful creative way for families to spend time together while participating in Visual arts, dance, music, and theater. 

All the Elementary Arts programs are free of charge, and where applicable, costumes and instruments are provided to the students at no charge.